'Trade secrets' to help you in your communications...

As communications specialists, we understand the value of knowing how to achieve certain things yourself. You can make budgets go much further that way -- and achieve more control over how to reach your business objectives. That's why we developed these courses.

Here are the courses available so far, as part of our communications Skills Development AcademyTM:

Video-Making for Social MediaTM  
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You learn how to make professional-looking videos using only the tools you already have available. Ideal for sales, marketing, training or content-hungry social media posting at little or no cost. 

The training course delivered to corporates and Embassies alike. Learn how to successfully achieve your conference and meeting objectives, on-time and to-budget.

Not a workshop but a personal coaching service. Most senior executives don't think they need it ... because they're seldom told the truth. We tell you -- warts and all (diplomatically of course)... then we give you a presentation make-over!

And these are coming up soon on this website ...

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This half-day seminar teaches everything you need to know about event marketing and delegate engagement -- before they even get to your venue! 

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Is writing for online consumption any different from any other writing? Answer: yes ... very. As you'll find out on this fascinating day about how to sell using the written word and how to get more responses from your website. Loads of useful exercises!

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A writing course for sales people ... or a sales course for copywriters? You decided. Either way, you'll get much more action from the words you write. And means more profitable business.


Accredited by CIM's chartered CPD Programme

All our workshops are accredited as part of Micomms' Skills Development Academy, so you receive a certificate that shows you have completed hours of study and that you are dedicated to effective communications.


About Micomms® – your reputation in good hands

More than just a communications consultancy, Micomms® is the custodian of your reputation – internally, externally and internationally.

We not only provide strategic communication insights, we also train others to achieve outstanding results for their corporate communications, through our communications-dedicated Skills Development AcademyTM workshops.

In addition to this, Worldwide Business EventsTM is the international event organisation service of the company, which was founded in 2002 by Martin and Natalia Ison (you can imagine what our breakfast-table conversation is like!).

Micomms® Ltd has many strings to its bow:


- Marketing

- PR and communications

- Design

- Copywriting

- E-commerce

- Social Media Marketing

... and also...

- Event management (as Worldwide Business EventsTM )

- Skills development training (as Skills Development AcademyTM)


Visit Worldwide Business EventsTM for more details on our services and some interesting project examples. 

Micomms® Ltd has worked with clients and trained delegates from over 300 corporate organisations in the UK and North America including: